california going greener

david22california has long been a trend setter  for the rest of the country and many states look to california for guidance on setting up many of their own rules and regulations. here is an article, from the associated press,  that i hope grabs the attention of other states’ legislators,  california’s committment to go a deeper shade of green. one particular point that caught my eye was this one:

“But there will also be costs: Cars could become more expensive, and Californians can expect higher electric rates as utilities increase their use of renewable energy. Homes built with energy-efficient materials could also prove more costly, as could gasoline reformulated to release less carbon dioxide.”

i thinks it’s a great idea the utility companies will be increasing their use of renewable energy, but it sounds like this may be an increase in cost to the consumer. one way to create a win win situation is for the homeowners to make sure their existing homes are as energy efficient as possible (window leaks are sealed, weather stripping around all exterior doors is installed, dual pane windows are installed, to name a few).

for homeowners considering a major remodel or new construction, it’s even more important (as well as an exciting opportunity) to consider designing and building the most energy efficient home possible, including properly sealing the exterior envelope with foam and insulation, using energy efficient windows with low e and argon filled glass, planning for open spaces to allow for natural ventilation, and planning for overhangs that keep the sun out in the summer but let the sun inside in the winter. the above items, when properly designed into the project, will add little overall cost (assuming a major remodel), but will go a long way in helping your home become more energy efficient.

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