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sometimes, you just have to say it. . . go take a hike!

the new year always brings the new resolutions that we commit to at the beginning ojake-hiking-1f each year. no doubt, on the top of most people’s list, is the committment to get more exercise. with our busy days and family lives, it can be difficult to find time to do just that. also, many people just aren’t in to the gym scene. BUT, one thing everyone can do is go for a hike in your local mountains. for you flatlanders, there is plenty of hiking in your neighborhood, along rivers, along golf courses to name a few. oh yeah, and a trip to the local mall doesn’t count, even if it’s an outdoor mall like the ones that i’m surrounded by here in los angeles.

speaking of los angeles, we’re blessed with sunny weather for a majority of the year and are in close proximity to the ocean, mountains, and desert. as i write this today, it’s a nice 65 degrees out (so why am i inside writing this…).  i’m not sure what it is in new hampshire where i grew up and my sister lives (i talked to her the other day and i think she was getting 8 inches of snow while we were on the phone), but there are opportunities there to strap on the snow shoes and enjoy the fresh air. right in our neighborhood are the local santa monica mountains which provide a plethora of hiking opportunities for all levels.jake-hiking-2

the attached photos are of my son jake who is 2 1/2 years old and loves to hike. he simply has to go outside and breathe the fresh air. on those weekends when we get a late start getting outside, he gets antsy and a little cranky. once we step outside, an instant change takes place (similar to when the incredible hulk changes back to bruce banner, but with a smile and without the ripped clothes). i frequently take jake hiking in the santa monica mountains and i’m committing myself to getting my wife and other  son remy out there as well. so exercise shouldn’t be looked at as a dreaded thing on your to do list, it should recharge your batteries, give your body the fresh oxygen it needs. SO with all that said, stop reading right now and go take a hike!

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  • Carl Arrechea

    January 7, 2009, 10:14 pm

    Hey David,

    Great website! Thanks for sharing it with me. Your little guy looks like a hiker alright – keep him motivated. There’s some outstanding hiking & biking in the Santa Monica Mts. This last year I joined a volunteer group called that Mountain Bike Unit that patrols the state and national parks on bicycles. Keep an eye out for small groups on bikers wearing yellow jerseys – that’s us. It’s given me a chance to discover some amazing trails I never knew about. We provide maps, directions, and first aid to anyone that needs help. Anyway, it looks like your business is heading in the right direction – keep up the good work.
    Your insurance guy, Carl.

  • David

    January 9, 2009, 2:43 pm

    hi carl,

    thanks for the kudos! it’s been some time in the making but the fruits are starting to grow from the tree. i’ll keep an out of the mountain bike unit and maybe see you on the trail soon!

    thanks for checking the blog,


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