ask david: what type of insulation should i install in a converted garage?

amy s. from culver city writes;

“I’m in the process of insulating my garage roof (no insulation currently) to turn it into a playroom/TV room, a space we will use daily.  My roofer suggests 1″ rigid insulation that equal to R19 and says R30 is an overkill while my designer says we should aim for R30 value.  R30 I’m concerned about the thickness that would ruin the aesthetics as well as the additonal cost (don’t want to pay extra for overkill).”

david’s response;

david22even in our mild climate here in southern california, heat loss and gain is an issue. most of the heat loss in your garage will be through the roof (depending on how you insulate your garage door) so it is best to install the R30 insulation.

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