cool product of the month-kohler karbon faucet

this month’s cool product is kohler’s karbon faucet. this is a very cool kitchen faucet that is unlike anything we have seen before. also hats off to the kohler marketing department as they have done a great job at marketing this product. they have a video on the website and you’ll see advertisements for it in the major design magazines.karbon-faucet

i’ve chosen to highlight the karbon faucet this month because we installed it in the westbourne project. we purchased it several months ago and i’ve been curious ever since we received it. i couldn’t wait to get it installed. it’s a heavy and substantial piece of “machinery”. it has an articulating arm that allows it to pivot and swivel in several configurations. it can also fold up to a compact little unit when not in use. a bit of a novelty? maybe. but it is a nicely, thought out, designed piece. it becomes more than just another kitchen faucet and will make a statement on any countertop and in any kitchen.

the karbon faucet comes in a variety of finishes, my favorite being the titanium which no longer appears to be an option. they’ve recently added more colors including gold, bronze, and black handles. whichever style you choose, it’s sure to be a conversation piece when you have that party and everyone ends up in the kitchen, you can say “oh, have you seen my faucet?”

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