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if you haven’t heard, the makers of the SIGG bottles have admitted that their bottles were made with a liner that contained the hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol-A. at some point last summer, they quietly switched out the liners but many people who jumped on the bandwagon for SIGG did so well before that, yours truly included. we have or should i say, had, the old liner until yesterday. buh-buy SIGG.

i wrote a few months back about SIGG being the COOL product of the month and i’m very sorry for that. my family, including my two boys have been drinking out of SIGG cups. it upsets me that a corporation that it supposed to be so cool and concerned with the environment could be so deceptive. they are even part of the 1% for the planet, donating 1% of their worldwide sales to protection of the environment. how much more deceitful could they be?

i usually take things in stride,  BUT this one does upset me.  i read the article and the claim is the bisphenol-A doesn’t leech out so it’s not a problem. um, okay, SIGG but why is it in there to begin with and why did you keep quiet for so long? the whole thing just stinks.

they are even offering customers to switch out the old ones with their “new liner”. REALLY? no thanks SIGG. luckily, i  am a “the-glass-is-half-full-kind-of-guy” and will get over this, it just won’t be half full in a SIGG cup anymore.

here’s the link to the SIGG article where my wife found out about it and also a special thank you to jeremiah at zrecommends for writing the article. it’s most interesting to read the peoples’ comments at the end of the article,  a lot of upset people and rightly so.

i also just noticed zrecommends is still on it with “need a new water bottle? we have 40 ideas for you.” check it out.

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