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yogis anonymous . a cool new yoga studio

yogis anonymous new spacei just returned from visiting my friends’, dorian cheah & ally hamilton’s, new yoga studio in santa monica called yogis anonymous. i had been helping them out with the design for the last couple of months and construction is just about completed. the space was previously a hair salon and my friends transformed it into a cool, green yoga studio. dorian and ally selected an environmentally friendly pre-finished bamboo floor made by smith & fong called plyboo. this floor is formaldehyde free as well as FSC certified. they also specified a no-VOC paint by dunn edwards.

yogis anonymous is a new kind of studio. rather than utilizing the standard method that involves the participant purchasing individual classes or a series of classes, yogis anonymous functions on the premise of a donation system. participants pay what they are most comfortable with. i think this will create much more of a community environment at the studio. with already over 1300 fans on their facebook fan page, i’d say the strategy is working, considering they haven’t even opened their doors yet. they will be having a big launch party this saturday evening for anyone in the los angeles area, details can be found on their fan page.

they are also putting on a “human logo contest” and accepting entries for interpretations of couples performing their interpretation of their new logo. my wife came up with the idea of entering our boys, so we created our own entry. yes it is photoshopped (getting two boys to do that pose at the SAME TIME is impossible when they are 1 and 3 years old) but they each did perform the pose and yes, jake did do a headstand, albeit with the help of wendy’s hand that is photoshopped out of the pic.

if your in santa monica, be sure to check out the studio. ally hamilton is well known in the yoga community and she has put together a powerhouse lineup of super-duper yoga instructors. makes me want to get back into yoga…

yogis anonymous

yogis anonymous logo

yoga pose

jake & remy do the YA logo

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  • ally hamilton

    August 27, 2009, 5:46 pm

    David, I just wanted to say that we could not have done this without you!! I LOVE the space, it’s even more awesome than I had envisioned, and I would tell ANYONE AND EVERYONE IN NEED OF AN ARCHITECT to go directly to YOU!!! And Rich!!! Thank you with all of our hearts!!!
    Ally Hamilton

  • David

    August 28, 2009, 10:02 am

    hi ally!

    it’s been my pleasure and it’s been great seeing it come together. you guys have worked your butts off!

    good luck in the new endeavor!

    all the best,


  • Nanci Kaye

    August 29, 2009, 9:01 am

    David- How could I not know that you were instrumental in the design for this wonderful yoga studio??? Do you think I knew and just can’t remember because of my advancing age???? Anyway, I’m so proud of you and your talent, as always. How is Remy??? Much love, Nanci

  • David

    August 29, 2009, 9:52 am

    ah grammy nanci, you’re my biggest fan! the boys are doing great.

    thanks for checking out the blog too!


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