announcing “the approachable architect podcast” coming soon!

david podcasti’m really excited to announce that i’ll be entering the podcasting realm and airing a bi-monthly podcast featuring discussions about architecture, residential design, construction, and green building. it will be an extension of this blog and called “the approachable architect podcast.” i’ll also be lining up interviews from industry professionals.

the thing that i am most excited about is being able to interact with the design and green building community. the first couple of podcasts will be recorded and available on my soon-to-be-released podcast page but i’m hoping within a couple of months to be airing the podcasts LIVE and allowing listeners to call in (these will also be recorderd and available on the podcast page). and these won’t sound like one of those podcasts that were produced in your friend’s basement. they will be high quality sound and i promise, a joy to listen to with lots of good information.

one of the features i set up is the “voicemail listener feedback line.” this allows listeners to call in to and leave a question or comment and i’ll be able to play these on the show. SO one of the topics i’ll be discussing in the very first episode is “what is the difference between an architect and a designer” and i’d like to know what you think the difference is. please call the voicemail listener line at 1.800.476.5579 and let me know what you think. or you can leave a comment on this post and i can read it on the air.

the interaction with the design and green building community is one of the things that will make these podcasts interesting and enjoyable to listen to, so please comment here or call the voicemail listener line at 1.800.476.5579. that number again is 1.800.476.5579. that number, once again, is 1.800.476.5579

p.s. i’ve learned from my 3 year old son, if you repeat the same thing enough times, somebody will actually listen.

look for the first show to be released the end of next week!

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