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005. approachable architect podcast – green and more green with organic architect, eric corey freed

The Approachable Architect Podcast

episode 005. green and more green with organic architect, eric corey freed

  • in this podcast, i interview organic architect, eric corey freed. we discuss how eric “enlisted” into the architecture profession, how he has zero tolerance for all things fake, why he uses all three of his names, why his firm is not called “crappy banal architecture”, and the books he is currently working on. we also discuss the term “greenwashing”, his facebook status updates AND his plan to solve the energy crisis (this you will want to hear!). you can find more information about eric at

ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES: i specialize in providing architectural design services for environmentally friendly, healthy, high performance, and energy efficient homes including major remodels, second story additions, and new construction. please contact me at the studio at 310.391.9191 or if you would like to discuss your project.


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  • Nanci Kaye

    November 1, 2009, 9:36 am

    Hi David,

    Eric Corey Freed is a most articulate and knowlegeable guest. This podcast is loaded with invaluable and important information. It gave me much to think about. And you are a most thoughtful and engageing interviewer. Keep them coming….

  • David

    November 1, 2009, 1:42 pm

    hi nanci,

    once again, my biggest fan responds. thanks so much and i agree about eric, it was also a very fun interview for me. i’ll keep ’em coming as long as you keep listening 😉

    thanks, david

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