cool product of the month: solar powered helicopter

once again, i’m writing about the cool product of the month on the last day of the month, but that’s okay, it’s still october, right? this month’s cool product is a fun little find for the little tykes in your life, a solar powered helicopter sold by estella nyc.

solar helicopter
solar helicopter

my wife left (and i do mean left) me and the boys for 4 days last weekend when she travelled to nyc for her 20th high school reunion. it was actually the first time all of us boys were left alone for that long (yes 4 days suddenly became a long time). i took the boys hiking in joshua tree, but i digress. one of the presents my wife brought back from nyc was this solar powered helicopter. it is a small simple wooden toy, with a propeller that has a small “solar panel” on top of it. while it is probably overpriced at $28 (don’t expect this thing to lift off the ground, the propeller just spins) but the smile and joy on my boys’ face when they hold it up to the light and the propeller spins is priceless….look ma, no batteries (it was at night when she got home). then when you take it outside it will spin because of the sun’s rays. it doesn’t get any simpler than that.

the idea that something can move and produce energy without batteries and, simply because of the sun, is a foreign concept to most 3 year olds (and maybe adults for that matter). the fact that jake can say the words “solar power” and have some kind of understanding, however small,  brings a smile to my face. this simple helicopter is a fun and easy way to introduce the concept of solar energy to the little ones. and with the holidays just around the corner…..

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