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016. approachable architect podcast – green building contractor, turk o’connor

The Approachable Architect Podcast

episode 016. green building contractor, turk o’connor, t.h. o’connor building corporation

  • in this episode i interview green building contractor, turk o’connor, t.h. o’connor building corporation. turk is no ordinary general contractor. he drives a prius and maintains a rigorous yoga practice. listen as we discuss the relationship between architect, general contractor and owner as well as turk’s personal philosophies when it comes to building and providing customer service to his clients. Turk also discusses the different ways that homeowners can work with general contractors. you can find more information about turk at

ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES: i specialize in providing architectural design services for environmentally friendly, healthy, high performance, and energy efficient homes including major remodels, second story additions, and new construction. please contact me at the studio at 310.391.9191 or if you would like to discuss your project.


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  • T. Dustin Hauck

    February 20, 2011, 10:12 pm

    Love the podcast series. I found this one particularly interesting. It is sometime difficult to sell a client of the value of complete architectural services from programming through construction administration. And, the importance of getting the contractor on board early. They only realize that importance after it is too late. Saving money on the front end could cost an owner big on the back end and over time.

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