019. approachable architect podcast – green painting with stephen winterrowd, certapro painters

The Approachable Architect Podcast[powerpress]

episode 019. green painting with stephen winterrowd, certapro painters

  • in this episode, i discuss green painting how to’s and information with stephen winterrowd of certapro painters. we discuss the whole process of painting as well as best practices when painting green. we discuss the difference between flat and semi gloss paints as well as which kind to use for a particular application. we also discuss why cleanup and preparation is just as important as the paint job itself. you can find more information about certapro painters by clicking here.

ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES: i specialize in providing architectural design services for environmentally friendly, healthy, high performance, and energy efficient homes including major remodels, second story additions, and new construction. please contact me at the studio at 310.391.9191 or david@residearchitecture.com if you would like to discuss your project.


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