020. approachable architect podcast – a discussion of the parallels of dessert and architecture with the dessert architect, robert wemischner

The Approachable Architect Podcast[powerpress]

episode 020. a discussion of the parallels of dessert and architecture with the dessert architect, robert wemischner

  • in this episode, i discuss the similarities of dessert and architecture with chef and author of “the dessert architect”, robert wemischner. we discuss how flavor becomes the foundation of dessert architecture and the amount of exploration, planning, and preparation that goes into each dessert. chef “bob’s” desserts can be thought of as both sculpture and works of arts as well as scientific experiments that lead to a fascinating and delicious feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. we also discuss some of his favorite recipes from the book as well as the benefit of using fresh produce from local farmers’ markets. this is one of my most fascinating interviews to date, so pull up some warm pie a la mode and have a listen, your senses will be delighted. you can find more information and order “the dessert architect” on chef bob’s website, www.robertwemischner.com

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