021. approachable architect podcast – who is david doucette?

The Approachable Architect Podcast[powerpress]

episode 021. who is david doucette?

  • this is a very different episode because i am the one being interviewed. i open up about me, your host for the approachable architect, and what makes me tick. i talk about how i learned to be independent  at a young age and also describe my experience in architecture school in the ’90’s. i touch on the cross country road trip i took in ’98 and how my brother, derek and i lived in a tent for 6 weeks (happily so). i also discuss my mom’s passing from breast cancer in 1999 and my dad’s passing in 2002 (thank you hospice two times!).

ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES: i specialize in providing architectural design services for environmentally friendly, healthy, high performance, and energy efficient homes including major remodels, second story additions, and new construction. please contact me at the studio at 310.391.9191 or david@residearchitecture.com if you would like to discuss your project.

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