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Information protection is essential to any business’ relationships with the customers of it. With office productivity becoming increasingly more dependent on internet communications, and with the net becoming increasingly more complex and vulnerable to internet offenders, this can speedily become catchy if you appear unsure about how internet security works. Your accounting website design is an integral bit of your internet security strategy. Generally your customers aren’t overly web savvy, and the information they often send you is enormously sensitive. So that you can protect them you’re going to want a casual acquaintance with your site and it’s security attributes. Presuming the office is properly secured (network controlled to local IP, doors locked, alarm system, etc.) the weakest place in an accounting firm’s security is during the transport of data to and from your customers. E-Mail is a massive security issue. Email communications are maybe the biggest security issue your business has. I want to put this plain.

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E-Mail is a great medium for routine communications, but it’s ease of use has lured many accounting firms up the garden route. Do not let staff and your customers to e-mail confidential information. The problem with e-mail is that much of the process occurs outside your control. There’s a common misconception that when you send an e-mail it goes straight to the receiver, but nothing could be further from the truth. Messages are routed through an vast network of mail servers. By the time it reaches it’s destination it’s probably passed through a dozen or so third party servers. Mail servers are a favourite target of malicious hackers, and if any of these mail servers are hacked along the way, your e-mail could wind up being intercepted. Identity thieves harvest enormous quantities of information this way. Layers of protection can be included with e-mail by the addition of passwords or encryption, but a skilled hacker can conquer these precautions.

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Your bookkeeping website design can almost completely eliminate the danger of this kind of attack. Contain a Risk-Free File Transfer feature when your web site is designed by you. When you transfer a file using this type of FTP protocol you can connect straight to the web server, bypassing the external servers that e-mail depends on. Each customer should have her or his own password protected web directory on the server like a web-based safe-deposit box, so that only you and they could get it. Encrypting the transfer adds another layer of protection that can protect your info from an “inside job”. The systems that are best actually keep info encrypted while it’s being saved. This makes the directory suitable for long-term information storage. A lot of your clients will be nervous about using the internet store and to send files.

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If you have a basic knowledge of these systems it is going to go a very long way to easing their anxieties, so here are several of the basics… Passwords Passwords must be shielded from “brute-force” attacks by forcing a time out if your login attempt fails a lot more than several times in a row. Every three checks will slow him down more than enough to make this tactic useless if your hacker writes a simple script that runs every possible permutation of a password until it hits the right one a thirty minute delay. Passwords should be long and they should include letters and numbers. The number one cause of internet security breaches is human error. You’d be shocked how many hackers get people’s passwords simply by asking for them. Never tell your password to anyone, and avoid leaving them written down anywhere that your staff and customers can find them.

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Security Certificates Security certificates are central to encryption that is on-line. They save the keys used to decrypt information that is on-line. Be attentive to use them right. Out of date security securities or certificates obtained from “trustworthy” sources will force you to look bad and scare your customers away. SSL and TSL These are encryption protocols. SSL, or “Secure Socket Layer” is an older protocol that’s still finding widespread use. The second generally discovered encryption protocol is considerably newer.

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The adoption of “Transport Layer Security” is slow because many offices use older equipment or unsupported programs which are incompatible with it. Both work exactly the same manner. TLS has made some progress, but those differences have become technical. There’s a third kind called PCT, or “Private Communications Transportation” that is relatively fresh. SAS 70 That is an accounting industry standard handled by the AICPA. It’s a simple auditing statement. It is not just industry self- policing. Traded accounting firms must be SAS 70 certified for legal reasons.

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A SAS 70 certification indicates the security has been accepted by the auditor. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Also called the “Financial Services Modernization Act” of 1999, this legislation contains rules that regulate the privacy standards of financial institutions which by definition contains any accounting business that prepares tax returns. The GLB demands of most accounting companies to fashion a formal information security strategy, name an individual to direct security, assess security procedures of sections with access develop a continuing plan to monitor information security, and keep these procedures current with changing technology.

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