the approachable architect podcast

in this episode, i interview homeowners tatjana & mark. we discuss the major remodel of their green home and their experience with the design process as well as the construction process. we also discuss some of the difficulties they faced with dealing with their first contractor as well as discuss some of the cool green ...Read More

in this episode, i'm joined by co-host eric corey freed as we discuss if "going green" is taking a backseat to the economic situation. we also discuss his recent visits to duluth and miami (one day apart) as well as his recent trip to disneyland on presidents' day. for more information on eric, check out ...Read More

this is a very different episode because i am the one being interviewed. i open up about me, your host for the approachable architect, and what makes me tick. i talk about how i learned to be independent  at a young age and also describe my experience in architecture school in the '90's. i touch ...Read More

in this episode, i discuss the similarities of dessert and architecture with chef and author of "the dessert architect", robert wemischner. we discuss how flavor becomes the foundation of dessert architecture and the amount of exploration, planning, and preparation that goes into each dessert. chef "bob's" desserts can be thought of as both sculpture and ...Read More

in this episode, i discuss green painting how to's and information with stephen winterrowd of certapro painters. we discuss the whole process of painting as well as best practices when painting green. we discuss the difference between flat and semi gloss paints as well as which kind to use for a particular application. we also ...Read More

i just released my january newsletter and had been thinking most of the month about mixing business with pleasure and whether i should be doing more of that. after weeks of pondering, i reached my conclusion and wrote the following for my newsletter; i am so excited for 2010! not for just me, but my family ...Read More

in this episode, i'm trying out a new format and have invited organic architect, eric corey freed, to be my co-host as we discuss water conservation and the issues surrounding a global problem.  listen in as we discuss some of the problems and provide simple solutions that we can apply in our everday lives. for ...Read More

in this episode i discuss my new m.o., "passion". you're going to be hearing a lot more "passion" in my episodes and i'm looking forward to opening up about me, david doucette, and letting my listeners know more about me and what makes me tick. as i open up more to my listeners, i hope to ...Read More

in this episode i interview green building contractor, turk o'connor, t.h. o'connor building corporation. turk is no ordinary general contractor. he drives a prius and maintains a rigorous yoga practice. listen as we discuss the relationship between architect, general contractor and owner as well as turk's personal philosophies when it comes to building and providing ...Read More

in this podcast, i read some comments from last week's podcast including the first review left on itunes (thank you MMbot!). i also discuss the pieces involved in doing a major kitchen remodel and provide budgetary guidelines for each of the trades involved as well as an overall budget to consider. i also describe the ...Read More