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1.0 integrated design

integrated design involves the successful integration of the entire kit of parts that are utilized in the actual construction of the home. all of the systems, including the structural framing, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, insulation, doors & windows, audio/visual, and finished millwork should compliment and act in harmony with one another. this requires all of the systems to be considered early on in the design stages.

key concepts: 

  • solar orientation
    we analyze the solar orientation for each project and design the home to take advantage of the natural path of the sun and the varying summer/winter sun angles. 
  • daylighting
    we use natural light as a primary means of lighting the home during the day. this practice conserves electrical energy as well as creates a pleasant interior environment.
  • passive ventilation
    we strategically place operable windows to allow natural breezes and fresh air to enter the home and aid in cooling the individual spaces.
  • open floor plan
    we design for an open floor plan that allows for a nicer flow of spaces as well as provides for wonderful circulation. this also allows for better daylighting and passive ventilation strategies as described above.
  • high efficiency mechanical equipment
    we design for high efficiency mechanical equipment that is properly sized and conserves energy. when integrated with the above methods, it also requires less running time of equipment.
  • exterior envelope
    we focus on making weather tight exterior walls and roofs to minimize heat loss in the winter months and heat gain in the summer months.
  • smart home
    we can design for a whole house control system that automatically controls mechanical equipment and temperature settings as well as lighting and audio/visual components.


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