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 4.0 sustainable materials

sustainable materials involves making smarter, more conscientious material choices for all parts of the home. we try to incorporate materials that are responsibly harvested, rapidly renewable, and/or manufactured locally into our projects. when we make smarter choices by utilizing sustainable materials, we can help ensure that precious resources are preserved for future generations.

key concepts

  • forest stewardship council (FSC)
    preference for forest stewardship council certified products including framing lumber and cabinetry components. FSC cerified wood comes from responsibly managed and harvested forests.
  • rapidly renewable
    preference for rapidly renewable materials 
  • local products
    preference for materials that are manufactured locally or within 500 miles of project site
  • recycled or salvaged
    preference for materials that are recycled or salvaged
  • recylced content
    preference for materials with recycled content 



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