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5.0 healthy home

healthy home is about the indoor environment and making choices that contribute to healthy indoor air quality. as our home sare built tighter and naturally leak less, we must limit the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by selecting products that contain little or no VOCs and also contain little or no urea-formaldehyde as well as selecting products that minimize dust and other indoor air pollutants. we also select mechanical equipment that may include an electronic air cleaner, air purifier and introduce fresh air into the mechanical system. by placing a high level of importance on indoor air quality, we can ensure all members of the home enjoy a comfortable and healthy home.

key concepts

  • low & NO VOC products
    preference for products with little or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including paints, cabinetry, and adhesives.
  • formaldehyde free
    preference for products with no added urea-formaldehyde or formaldehyde free including cabinetry and all of its compnents.
  • hard floor surfaces
    preference for hard floor surfaces including hardwood floor, engineered floor, stone, tile, and cork. we encourage our clients to minimize the use oc carpet in the home in order to reduce dust and indoor contaminants that can become trapped in carpet. when carpet is desired, we like all natural carpets or rugs that can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • fresh air
    we bring fresh air into the home by the strategic planning of windows to allow for natural ventilation. we also design the mechanical system to include provisions for fresh air to be delivered directly into the HVAC system.
  • shoes off
    we encourage our clients to remove shoes upon entering the home to minimize the amount of outdoor pollutants brought into the home.
  • moisture control
    we install smart exhaust fans in bathrooms and laundry rooms to ensure moisture is minimized and not allowed to remain for long periods of time. this measure helps prohibit the growth of mold.
  • mechanical system
    we design the mechanical system to include provisions for an electronic air cleaner and air purifier to minimize contaminants inside the home.


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