how to listen & participate


how to listen

  • listen now – you can listen on your computer simply by clicking the play button on the player located wihtin each podcast. you can also click “play in pop up” to play in another window and continue browsing the website.
  • download – you can right click next to the player on the link titled “download” to download the file. this will allow you to listen to any of the episodes at your conveniene on your computer, ipod, or other .mps player.
  • subscribe – you can click the “subscribe via rss” or “subscribe via itunes” to automatically download episodes as they are released and placed in your itunes library.

got feedback?

  • enter to win a $25 amazon gift card in our monthy drawing! entering is easy, just leave feedback by calling the voicemail feedback listener line 1.800.476.5579. be sure to include your email address at the end of your message. i’ll be drawing one lucky winner at the end of each month.
  • you can also send feedback via email to
  • i enjoy receiving feedback and will try and incorporate feedback into upcoming shows!

how to participate in our LIVE! shows

  • certain shows will be recorder LIVE! please check the schedule for the next upcoming LIVE! show.
  • you can participate in our shows in two ways: call in to talk live or utilize our chat room.
  • #1. to chat: go to the LIVE! page and begin chatting in the chat room on the right. no need to sign up.
  • #2. to talk: we utilize an online conference calling bridge service to facilitate our calls but it is not necessary to use your computer to make the call, simply follow the instruction below using a cell phone or land line.
  • please call: 1.724.444.7444 (Note: please check the LIVE! page for the most up to date phone #).
  • enter code: 64543 (Note: please check the LIVE! page for the most up to date code).
  • press: 1# to join the call. note all callers will be muted upon entry.
  • press: 8# to ask a question or comment. 8# will put you in the queue. David will select callers in the order each one has entered the queue.

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