california supplemental exam preparation testimonials

“David provides a very engaging, well-run seminar. His focus on answering practice questions out loud through mock panels was extremely helpful.  David does a terrific job of evaluating each participants responses, commenting on what’s working well and clearly identifying areas for improvement.  The multi-day format helped to gauge individual progress and to guide areas of study to focus on in the interim. The amount of knowledge required for taking the CSE is overwhelming to say the least.  The succinct study guide David provides along with the seminar does an excellent job of organizing the staggering volume of information laid out in the CSE test plan, and makes the process of studying a lot more manageable. Both the seminar and the study guide helped me a great deal in preparing for the exam. They gave me the confidence I needed on exam day to relax, focus on the intent of the questions, and pass on my first attempt.  I would enthusiastically recommend his seminar to anyone preparing for the CSE.”

– Dave Intner, Ventura, CA 


“I attended David Doucette’s CSE workshop in April 2009 to prepare for my exam in May.  I passed the exam and here are some of the reasons why I think the workshop was helpful:
1. His workbook gives you the simple and essential knowledge which saves you time researching for the material.

2. The questions in the workbook are  similar in spirit to those in the actual test.
3. I got 2 weekends of classes and mock panels.
4. He gives useful directions in delivering your oral answers.
5. He provides necessary critique to your oral answers so that you know how to improve yourself.
I recommend his workshop if you are willing to commit to study and use his workshop to hone in your skills.  David is a pretty nice guy and tell his students what they need to know.”

-Alan Ho, Pasadena, CA


“I took David’s webinar in August to prepare for my September exam. Before the webinar, I was skeptical about the effectiveness of this remote learning method via phone and webcam, but decided to give it a try since I was living in New York City at the time and didn’t have any study buddies. After the first session, I felt so empowered by the test taking tips and became a lot more confident about the test. David doesn’t spoon feed you test materials that you can learn by yourself, but instead share with you tips on how to effectively study and confidently present test materials when asked by the comissioners. I also met another test taker from the webinar and started to study together with him via phones and emails.I later traveled to CA a week before my exam to take David’s mock exam panel where I was able to experience for myself being in the “hot seat” and also observe the do’s And don’ts from the other participants in the mock panels. With David’s seminar, mock panel, and studying 20+ hours weekly for 5 weeks, I was able to pass on the first try with less than 5 years of praticing experience. I highly recommend David’s webinar and mock panel because they really make you become more confident about the CSE, which lead to better studying and test taking experiences with less stress and more chance of success.”

-Vivian Ngo, New York City


“I had taken the CSE a few times– I knew my stuff but I just couldn’t get over the hump. Then I took David’s webinar, and I passed! I appreciate the concise manner in which David took us through the material, but more important for me was his easy going demeanor– he made us feel comfortable listening to the questions, and he made us feel comfortable answering questions- this is key. It is not enough to just know the stuff, you need to know how to listen and how to respond– David’s method and advice emphasizes this and he allows one to view the exam as less of an intimidating experience than it actually is. Thank you David, you were instrumental in my passing result.”

– Robert Champagne, Hong Kong  


“Whether you are an in-state or out-of-state candidate preparing for the California Supplemental Examination, David’s unique web-based seminar approach provides a comprehensive, accurate and convenient means of preparing for this exam. The study guide follows the California Architects Board Test Plan, clearly and concisely explaining what each knowledge area is asking the candidate to master. David’s review session gives candidates the opportunity to ask questions and clarify their understanding of the key issues. The mock panels are an excellent simulation of the test conditions, where the candidate must be prepared to answer questions out loud. David provides insightful critiques and tips to help the candidate organize their answers and present in a clear, and concise manner. I highly recommend David’s webinar and study materials to any candidate preparing for the CSE.”

– Hilary Robie, LEED AP, Detroit, MI


“When I first began to study for the California Oral, I struggled for months just trying to figure out how to attack this test.  This was compounded by the fact that I had significantly less experience, at three years, than most of the other test takers.  It wasn’t until I took David’s seminars that I truly understood what and where the important information was.  However, the most important asset that I got from David’s seminars was the ability to deliver the information confidently and with the technique that is necessary for the exam.  Thank you David for all of your help.  It is possible that I could have done this without you, but it would have been a great deal more difficult and substantially more daunting.”

-Joe Spierer, Los Angeles, CA


“Having failed the CSE once before, David provided the keys to unlocking the mystery of the exam.  His system which includes mock oral exams are very helpful. Answering questions out loud, and getting a chance to hear others answers mock questions along with David’s comments and critique helped me identify the areas I needed to improve.  I passed the CSE exam with David and his tools and would highly recommend taking his seminar and mock exam.”

  – Rick Birman, San Diego, CA


“I found out that the testimonials for Reside’s CSE seminar were spot on.  Davids’ comprehensive study guide  and exam mock panels were exactly what I needed to refine my oral skills and gain solid confidence.  I’m one of the older candidates and Davids seminar certainly taught this dog some new tricks.  Thanks David !”

– Steven Richard, Apple Valley, CA


“The CSE is a big fat old grizzly bear of a task.  It may be tired and past it’s best days but it’s bigger than you and still more dangerous than it first appears.  If you’re looking for a prudent strategy for dealing with this beast, try this seminar. No single source can give you everything you need to pass this exam.  If you’re looking for perspective, a way to get your arms around it, this is a great place to start.  You will still need to do the work, but this will really help you to define the scope of the problem.  That’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it?  It worked for me.”

-Don Barry, Detroit, MI


“David’s seminar and mock panel helped me to pass the CSE at my first try. David not only summarizes a broad range of materials covered in the exam, but also teaches candidates the exam strategies. These strategies helped me to sort out my thoughts and expressed myself in a more organized way which is the key for oral exam. The mock questions give everyone opportunities to practice and to learn from other people. This really helps to understand the level required to pass CSE. I highly recommend David’s seminar and mock panel.”

-Xiang Liu, Los Angeles, CA


“I had less than one month to prepare for the CSE and didn’t have access to a study group or partner.  David’s webinar not only gave me the opportunity to practice orally and discuss questions/topics with him and other participants, but it also provided me with an online study group. David has the most up-to-date and applicable study materials, which are crucial for the new 2009 test plan.  His insight and advice for each individual was very helpful, especially since this exam is nothing like the ARE.I would definitely recommend David’s seminars to anyone preparing for the CSE- it was my first try, and I passed!”

– Lauren Moss, Aliso Viejo, CA


“I took David’s seminar and Mock Oral in preparation for my second attempt at the CSE. Along with a lot of studying and preparation, David’s seminar approach had a huge deal to do with my passing of the CSE (1/09).  The seminar helped to organize and concisely summarize the wide range of material that’s covered in the exam.  And possibly more important than that at the end of the seminar I was able to answer ambiguous questions in a thoughtful, concise, and confident manner.  I felt the latter to be the key to my passing the exam this time around. I highly recommend David’s seminar.”

– Mariah Young, Santa Monica, CA


 “David’s Webminar and Studay Guide really helped me a lot! I studied only the Study Guide during the last 4 weeks before the exam. The Guide is concise, and to the point. I didn’t have to fumble through all 10,000 pieces of information I piled together myself any more. David’s Webminar was also very helpful. I used all the answering techniques during the exam, helped myself organizing my thoughts and highlighted the key points commisioners need to pay attention to. I highly recommend David’s seminar, and mock panel. Thanks David!”

– Fan Guo, Los Angeles, CA


“The mock oral exams are very helpful. I gained a lot of confidence by attending the mock oral exam. Answering the questions out loud through mock exam was extremely helpful. Also getting a chance to hear everyone else answer the questions reduced my fear and hesitation. David’s comments and critique helped me identify the areas of improvement. I passed my CSE exam the first time. I would highly recommend attending the mock exam.”

– Monisha Adnani, Santa Barbara, CA


“I recommend David’s seminar and Mock Oral exam.  The use of his guide really helped me to dig into the test plan and understand the knowledge and ability statements.  This was further reinforced by the mock questions, together with his insightful critique and comments and helped enable me to pass the CSE the first time.”

– Andrew Galambos, Los Angeles, CA 


“David’s webinar was definitely one of the big reasons why I passed the November CSE.  His manual and his guidance helped me to focus my limited time on the most important skills and topics.  He also taught me how to understand the anatomy of the questions, the kind of information that the panelists were looking for, and how to organize that information in a way that would keep me from blathering on like an idiot.  David was very professional, and he went the extra mile to answer my follow-up questions in detail.  The webinar format was convenient, and the semi-private setting was effective.  I would definitely recommend David’s classes to anyone preparing for orals.”  

– Mara Baum,  Berkeley, CA 


“I recommend David’s CSE webinar for anyone trying to pass the oral exam and is overwhelmed by the amount of material you’re expected to know. David has a good handle on what is REALLY necessary. I worked hard on the material for about month and that was enough to pass.”  

– Chris Anderson, Montecito, CA  


David’s straight-forward, methodical approach was a breath of fresh air. His advice helped me organize my thinking, which is no doubt why I passed the orals on my first try. Other seminars I’d taken were so broad and vague as to be virtually useless, whereas David provided focus and confidence that I didnt find elsewhere. I recommend him to anyone looking to improve the effectiveness of their studies, and subsequently improve their chances of passing the exam.”  

– Diane Rogers, Albany, CA 


“David’s webinar and study guide were the two most important tools for my exam preparation.  I spent one month going through the study guide repeatedly, using it as the base for my studies.  And the information from the webinar on how to approach the exam helped more than I ever could have imagined.  I am absoultely convinved that I would not have passed the exam on my first try had I not taken David’s class.  It was worth every penny.  Thanks David!”

– Steven Platt, Palm Desert, CA


“His seminar works for me. It is very concise and precious.”

– Kin Lee, Los Angeles, CA 


“The webinar and mock panel helped me develop a direct, concise approach to answering the exam questions. I enjoyed working with the group – it’s beneficial to listen to others respond to the questions.”

-Walter Schacht, Seattle, WA


“David’s strategies really worked on my exam!! I am so glad that I took his seminar.”

 – Ken Nekui, Los Angeles, CA