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Architectural Services

Our scope of services are based upon the recommended five phases of architectural services implemented by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). They include complete involvement on the part of reside architecture, from the initial cocktail napkin sketch all the way through to the completion of construction. This ensures we are able to achieve the goals set forth by our clients for each individual project.  Please visit the scope of Architectural Services homepage by clicking any of the icons below.

schematic designdesign developmentconstruction documentsbidding & negotiationcontract administration


Consulting Services

In addition to providing a full scope of Architectural Services, David Doucette, AIA LEED AP, is also available for phone, email, and in-person/on site consultation when you need an expert opinion or advice. Whether you’re trying to figure out how much things will really cost, interested in bulding green, or having issues during the design or construction process, David can help you.  Please click “david” below to view the consultation page.