scope of services

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  • schematic design

    this is the initial phase. we meet with the client to discuss project objective, goals, and budget and measure and draw existing conditions. we then develop & review two or more schemes based upon owner objectives, and select one scheme for further development. a site site surveyor and/or soils engineer may be required during this phase, if so we will assist in the hiring process.

  • design development

    this is the second phase. we further develop the  approved scheme selected in the schematic design phase and develop it in more detail, including further development of  plans, sections, and elevations. we also begin material and color selection and contact/ assist in hiring structural engineer.

  • contract drawings

    in this third phase (the final drawing phase), we prepare working drawings (which become the blueprints and serve as the documents by which the project is constructed) and specifications to submit to the local jurisdiction for plan check. Working drawings include architectural and  structural drawings. we also finalize finish and material selections and prepare specification manual.

  • bidding & negotiation

    we submit the plans to the local planning and building department for plan check,  address comments issued by the city as a result of plan check, and make corrections in order to secure a building permit for the project. additionally during this phase, we send out the drawings package to a select few general contractors to obtain bids. once all the bids have been recieved, we sit down with the client and review the bids and select a general contractor to build the project.

  • contract administration

    this phase begins when construction begins. we visit the site site as required during the construction process and hold weekly meetings at the job site with the client and general contractor. we also perform several other duties during the course of construction including,  shop drawings, processes certificates for payment, may issue change orders, choose and approve material and color submissions, and draw & develop details as required during the construction process.

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