the simplest things can make us laugh

i’m stepping into unchartered territory but i’m hoping this will prove successful. i’ve decided to add a video post to the blog weekly or thereabouts. i’m very excited about the idea  as i’ll be able to show the jobsites at different phases of construction and interview clients and subcontractors. i hope it as interesting to readers as i think it will be…….without further adieu, here is the first video;

2.4.09 from david doucette on Vimeo.

my newest hired hand

jake-officei know this blog is supposed to be related to my business so i had to find a way to include this cute picture of my oldest son, jake, who is 2.5 years old (some of you will remember him from last month’s go take a hike article.)

SO, here he is, the newest addition to our office staff, complete with phone and headset. don’t be surprised if you hear jake’s voice the next time you call the office….just be forewarned, he loves to chat on the phone 😉

shout out! joelle reeder, moxie design studios

this is the first in the monthly series of my new SHOUT OUT! blog, in which I’ll be joellefeaturing individuals who have done something to deserve praise, such as vendors, subcontractors, clients, employess, or friends.

this month’s SHOUT OUT! goes out to joelle reader of moxie design studios (my wife is still wondering why she’s not my first SHOUT OUT!). without joelle’s  help, I wouldn’t be writing this now, nor would any of my website been  possible. she was an integral part in developing the new look of reside architecture, inc.

I hired joelle last may but because of her always-in-demand-business, I wasn’t able to begin working with her until october of last year. joelle and her partner, kathy, schedule their work 3 or 4 months out so there is almost always a wait list (well worth the wait, I might add).

when I began looking for a website designer I knew I wanted a clean, cool, modern, and hip look but I had no idea how to get there. I looked around on craigslist and quickly realized how many “part time” web designers  there are in the los angeles area. I’m not really a betting man (okay, sometimes i  go to vegas and put my home equity line of credit on 00 on the roulette wheel), but if I was, I would bet there are almost as many of these “part-time” web designers as there are actors here. I wanted somebody who was a real pro, who did this as their career.

moxie design studios is great at creating very chic-centric themed websites. when I showed one of my clients the moxie website and said that they would  be doing my website, his response was “I don’t see anything on their website that is your style of cool and modern architecture”. I told him I agreed, but there was something about the style or hipness or freshness that moxie design studios was creating that led me to believe they could really do something cool and modern for me. another thing I really liked about them is that, they are specialists at setting up blogs and that was a top consideration for me.

I searched through dozens of architects’ websites and most of them were poorly designed and didn’t show off the work. I saw some great work from other architects, but I either had to click through dante’s inferno to get there or wait longer than my patience would allow for some flash thing to load.

with that said, I was able to give joelle a whole bunch of website links to architects’ websites that i DID NOT want. through one phone conversation at the beginning and everything else being handled via the web and email, somehow she was able to read my mind enough to come up with a layout for my website that is everything I wanted. the orange and grey are hip cool colors, the navigation bar is super easy to use, and the website overall has a very clean, modern feel to it.

joelle reeder is a top notch professional in her field. she takes pride in what she does, has great ideas, and above all is great at servicing the customer. she was always able to respond quickly to my concerns. for the month and a half she was working on my website, I truly felt I was her only client as she really paid attention to everything. thank you joelle!