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this month's cool product is sigg cups. yes they sound like you can by them at ikea right next to the dunkfurr or lack but they don't seem to be there...yet. why am i deciding to feature the sigg cup and why is this a cool product? well, i'm glad you asked. reason #1. unless ...Read More

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this month's cool product is ....drumroll please....... yolo colorhouse. what the heck is yolo colorhouse, you ask? well, in a nutshell, it's environmentally friendly paint with no VOCs (the little volatile organic compounds that keep me up at night trying to figure out where to cut them out next). thankfully, yolo has discovered a way ...Read More

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the westbourne project is entering the final stages and the most fun. it's where everybody can really start seeing things come together. we've completed the design of the master closet which is really luxurious, complete with a custom built island and dresser. we'll also be installing shoe racks and plenty of hanging space. we're using ...Read More

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happy new year to all! 2009 is finally here and i'm expecting many good things this coming year. 2009 should be about change, cleaning out the old and starting anew. with that in mind, i'd like to introduce january's COOL product of the month; shaklee healthy home cleaning products.  shaklee is the number one nutrition company ...Read More

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the master bath, a private sanctuary

the master bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. it can be a place where you wake up and greet the morning or a place to relax after a long day. the westbourne master bathroom satisfies both of these requirements with style.  when you walk into the master bathroom, you're immediately greeted by ...Read More

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everyone hangs out in the kitchen

 it seems no matter how small your kitchen is or how hard you try and keep people out, when you have friends over, they always end up in the kitchen. it's inevitable. i must admit, i've even tried to leave the kitchen a little dirty, maybe even leave a few dishes in the sink before ...Read More

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cool product of the month

Each month I'm going to be writing a blurb about a cool product that I have either used or plan on using for an upcoming project. it'll be something as simple as a place that sells reusable canvas bags, ah that's an idea right there, to more construction related fare such as a modern sliding ...Read More

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i remember growing up as a kid in new hampshire and playing in all kinds of dirt piles, sandboxes, and mudholes. i remember the pile of shoes in our den that seemed to stay there year round, however i never remember being told to take our shoes off in the house except in the winter ...Read More

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