Zion Oktoberfest

Welcome to the Zion Oktoberfest!

Update #4 – 10.1.14

Canyon List updated, see below.

Carpool list and Campsite assignments updated, see below.

IMPORTANT: We are in Watchman Campground, LOOP C. There will be a drive up check in. You will need to give the check in person the following names for check in:

David Doucette – Sites #C021, C023, C025, C026

Jeffrey Sew – Site #C024

Diana Ramirez Saki – Sites #C003, C004

Sam Serna – Site #C006

Update #3 – 9.30.14

Canyon List updated, see below.

Update #2 – 8.19.14

Email Contact List Added – Click Here to Download

Leaders feel free to email members of your canyons as you see fit. No need to CC me on anything.

Update #1 – 8.18.14

Please BOOKMARK this page http://residearchitecture.com/zion-oktoberfest/ as any updates will appear here. I’ll also post more info as needed as we get closer to the date on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: I have spent considerable time going through everyone’s profile in order to compile these lists so please consider them to be 99.99% set in concrete. Please DO NOT email me requesting to be with your friend who is on a different canyon. Think of this as an opportunity to (gasp!) meet some new people :)

another way to think about it is as my boys learned in preschool:

“You get what you get, and you don’t get upset.” :)

Below is the canyon list and also the carpool list. We have 8 campsites and  are allowed 2 cars per site and 3 tents. I’ve set this up so everyone is able to park at a site, yes that means even you solo fliers.

zion leader canyon list.xlsx

zion leader canyon list.xlsx

zion leader canyon list.xlsx

zion carpool 8.18.14 page 2