check out our “green lifestlyle modules” page

davidi just created a new tab on the website called “green“. yes groundbreaking news, right? and original too. i created and put together 5 green lifestyle modules several months ago but had them hidden under the services tab until i could figure out what to do with them. so i had my web designer create a new tab called “green” and when you scroll over it, it turns green. again groundbreaking. you can click on each module or icon and find out more information about each module.

the 5 green lifestyle modules are designed to provide information for homeowners interested in building green. they were also put together becauseĀ it’s important that we look at the building as a whole, as a living breathing thing. i’ll also be rolling out some videos in the near future explaining the green lifestlye modules in further detail.

i hope you enjoy the information!

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